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Netanyahu claims victory in Israel: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : TRT world

Prime Minister of Israel has claimed victory for the right-wing in the fourth election in the past two years. Here is everything we know about the situation:

  1. The exit polls contradict the statement made by the Prime Minister. According to them, Benjamin Netanyahu will fail to secure a majority.

  2. Prime Minister’s party Likud and its ally are expected to secure 53 or 54 seats in the 120-seat Knesset.

  3. Naftali Bennett led the Yamina party could play kingmaker. He was a former Netanyahu loyalist.

  4. Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted, ”You gave a huge win to the right and Likud under my leadership. Likud is the biggest party by far.”

  5. There was 67.2% voting registered. This was seen as a verdict for the leadership of Netanyahu.

  6. In the previous three elections in the country within the past two years, none of the party was able to secure a majority.

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