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New allegations suggest R.Kelly abused teenage boy: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The New York Times

Popular US R&B star, R. Kelly is facing new allegations of abusing a teenage boy back in 2006. According to reports, the allegations suggest that R. Kelly met with the boy at a McDonald’s in 2006 and promised him help for his music career.

R Kelly, real name Robert Kelly, later invited him to his Chicago studio and had sexual contact with him while the boy was still underage. The same boy later introduced Kelly to another boy, with whom he has had sexual relations after few years.

The star is right now in jail facing earlier charges of sexual misconduct. The prosecutors now want these fresh allegations to be heard as well. There has been no comment by Kelly’s lawyers as of now. R. Kelly has earlier denied allegations of any sexual misconduct.

The prosecutors have also alleged that the boy in question was filmed by R. Kelly while he had sexual relations with other girls. They say that the statements by these boys will show that R. Kelly had a pattern in his behavior for abusing people. The judge has not yet ruled if these new allegations will be allowed in the court.

His trial is scheduled to start in New York on August 9. The current charges that he faces involve six girls.

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