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New Government in Israel after 12 years: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Reuters
  1. On Sunday, the Israeli Parliament approved the new government, a coalition between the left, right and centrist party. This brings an end to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year reign.

  2. These parties don’t have much in common except for the desire to unseat the current Prime Minister.

  3. The Parliament approved the government with a raver thin margin of 60-59.

  4. Naftali Bennett, the head of an ultranationalist party, will serve as the Prime Minister for the fonts two years of this government’s term and then will hand over the reign to the centrist leader Yair Lapid.

  5. Netanyahu sat silently in the Parliament as the vote took place. Post which he got up, shook hands with Bennett, and left. He remains the head of the largest party in Israel and is expected to be a strong opposition leader.

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