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New law designed to prohibit defamation of Chinese military personnel: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Orbis Alliance

1. China has passed a new bill that prohibits defamation of Military Personnel. This is a continuation of a 2018 law.

2. Under China's 2018 law, a popular blogger in the country was arrested last year and awarded a sentence for defaming Peoples Liberation Army soldiers killed in the conflict with the Indian army in Galway valley in eastern Ladakh.

3. China's state runs news agency Xinhua was reported as saying that the bill approved by the Standing committee of the National People's Congress said that no person or organization shall in any way condemn or insult the honor of soldiers and will not condemn or insult the reputation of members of the armed forces. The new bill also prohibits the desecration of a strip built in honor of military personnel.

4. According to the new bill, prosecutors can file public interest litigation for defamation of military personnel and violation of their legitimate rights and interests which have seriously affected the performance of their duties and harmed the public interest of society.

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