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New technology for constructing high-rise buildings in China: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Newsdons

1. In China, a 10-floor luxurious building has been built in just 28 hours and 45 minutes using a new technique, whereas it usually takes a week to fill only the foundation.

2. This happened in the city of Changsha, China.

3. The builder group Broad has shared a 5-minute video on youtube, in which information has been given from laying the foundation of the building to its completion which is based on 'prefabricated construction technology'.

4. The building's self-contained modular units, which are already manufactured in a factory, look like large containers, transported to the building site in trucks, and as per requirement they are attached and bolted, thus making a complete building.

5. After this, electricity and water connections are added to it, then handed over to the people. As far as the strength is concerned, it has been claimed that the steel used in it is 10 times lighter and 100 times stronger.

6. It is earthquake-resistant and extremely strong.

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