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North Korea tests a new long-range missile: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: KCNA

North Korean state media reported on Monday, that the country has successfully tested a new long-range missile that has the capability of hitting much of Japan. The missile successfully traveled a distance of 1500 km (930 miles).

The test shows that the country is still actively developing new weapons despite international pressure to control them. Korean Central News Agency said, “The test provides the strategic significance of possessing another effective deterrence means for more reliably guaranteeing the security of our state and strongly containing the military maneuvers of the hostile forces.”

The US military responded to the news by saying that “North Korea’s continuing focus on developing its military program and the threats that pose to its neighbors and the international community”.

Although some experts argue that this is not a big deal since it is a cruise missile that was tested, which isn’t part of UN Security Council sanctions that are in place to curb North Korea's nuclear program. The only thing to worry about is that cruise missiles fly low and are difficult to detect, and a range of 1,500km would put much of Japan in range.

North Korea last tested its missile back in March this year, which drew a lot of criticism from the US, Japan, and South Korea. This test comes days after the state celebrated its 75th founding anniversary.

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