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North Korean man gets death for selling Netflix's Squid Game: What you need to know

image courtesy: Indiatoday

A North Korean man has been sentenced to death for distributing copies of the hit Netflix series Squid Game. His execution will reportedly be carried out by the firing squad. Others have been sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labour for viewing the show illegally.

Radio Free Asia reported that the 'smuggler' acquired a copy of the show in China and brought it back to North Korea. He allegedly sold copies of the show on USB flash drives.

Squid Game grabbed eyeballs with its edge-of-the-seat story. The nine-episode series tells the story of a group of desperate people who sign up to play mysterious children’s games in an attempt to grab a huge cash prize.

While a student was given a life sentence for buying a flash drive, six others were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for five years for watching the show. Sources said teachers and administrators of the school have been expelled and sent to toil in mines as a sentence of punishment for the 'lapse'.

The accused were held under the newly enacted law on the 'Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture'.

The law conferred a maximum penalty of death for watching, possessing, or distributing media from countries in general and the US and South Korea in particular.

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