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NRA bankruptcy case dismissed: What you need to know

National Rifle Association. Picture courtesy : WAOW

In January, NRA filed for bankruptcy and today a federal judge has dismissed the claim by NRA to use that bankruptcy to re-organize in Texas. Here is everything you need to know:

  1. NRA is facing an effort to dissolve in the state of New York. To re-organize itself in Texas, the right-wing group used the bankruptcy it filed in January as a backdrop.

  2. However, a federal judge in Dallas, Judge Harlin Hale, dismissed the legitimacy of that claim on Tuesday.

  3. This means that the influential firearm group will remain incorporated in New York.

  4. NRA can try again to file for bankruptcy, however, this could lead to the appointment of a trustee to oversee its functioning.

  5. NRA closely aligns itself with the Republican Party and the former president Donald Trump.

  6. President Joe Biden's administration had shown its opposition to NRA’s claim in the past and had previously asked the judge to dismiss the case.

  7. This was an effort by NRA to re-established itself in a state which is gun-friendly and has deep republican values.

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