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Oscar condemns Will Smith’s action, launches official review

The Academy of motion pictures has formally said that it “condemns” Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock during the LIVE telecast of the Oscars 2022 event on Sunday night.

The statement released by the Academy read that it would “explore further action and consequences” in accordance with California law.

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Shortly after the incident, Will Smith won the best actor Oscar for his performance in the movie ‘Kind Richard’ based on the life of Serna and Venus Williams’ father.

Chris Rock took aim at Jada’s shaved hairdo, which is a result of the hair loss condition alopecia.

The incident caused a frenzy throughout the globe and people started questioning the conduct that should be followed in ceremonies like these.

Last night, Chris Rock refused to file an official complaint against Will Smith, as reported by LAPD.

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