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Pakistan says the US is interfering in its internal matter

Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan today slammed him and said that the people of the country should focus on standing together for cleaning the mess that Imran Khan has created.

Addressing the Islamabad Security Dialogue, Khan emphasised that an independent foreign policy was crucial for the country, and said the reason why Pakistan could not touch its peak potential was its dependency syndrome on other powerful nations. "A county without an independent foreign policy remains unable to secure the interests of its people," he said.

He praised India for its independent foreign policy.

Referring to the US, Khan said a "powerful country" had expressed displeasure over his recent visit to Russia, on the other hand, it is supporting its ally India which imports oil from Russia. His statement came as Pakistan summoned a senior US diplomat in Islamabad and lodged a strong protest over America’s alleged "interference" in its internal affairs.

Pakistan's information minister Fawad Chaudhry on Friday claimed that a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan has been reported by the country's security agencies, ahead of Sunday's no-trust motion against the premier. Khan's security has been beefed up as per the government's decision after these reports.

Khan has been claiming that the Opposition's no-confidence motion against him was the result of a “foreign conspiracy” because his independent foreign policy and funds were being channeled from abroad to oust him from power.

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