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Pakistani Tik Toker assault incident-Lahore Police book 400 people

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Four hundred people have been booked by Lahore Police, for allegedly harassing and molesting a girl at the historic Minar-e-Pakistan on Pakistan's Independence Day. The girl is famous for her Tik Tok videos.

The shocking incident took place on August 14 when hundreds of youngsters celebrated Independence Day at Azadi Chowk near Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, Pakistan.

The viral video showed young men molesting the girl, dragging her, throwing her in the air for fun and tearing her clothes.

She was humiliated for an hour before some people finally managed to save her.

In the FIR, she claimed that she and six of her team members went to Azadi Chowk to record a video clip of the celebration when the incident happened. She alleged that she also had her cell phone, gold ring and cash worth PKR 150,000 snatched during the incident.

According to a police officer, the suspects will be arrested soon using video evidence.

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