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Panicked crowd 'killed more people than the strike itself': Biden meets Ukrainian ministers

Picture courtesy: Sky news

A woman who survived the bombing of a theatre in Mariupol has said she believes the panic of the crowd rushing to escape killed more people than the strike itself.

The building sheltering more than a thousand civilians in the besieged southern Ukrainian city was bombed by Russia on 16 March. The blast killed around 300 people.

Maria Radionova, 27, who was among those who made it out alive, has told of the chaos as the bomb hit. She believed that many people died there not only from the missile but also from panic. "There was general panic," she said. "People were running, people were pushing.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden met two Ukrainian ministers in Poland's capital Warsaw in the first face-to-face talks between the US president and top Kyiv officials since Russia's invasion began.

Biden has been in Poland since Friday and is also meeting the Polish president, Andrzej Duda.

Ukraine's foreign minister Mr Kuleba told reporters that Ukraine had received additional security pledges from the US on developing defence co-operation.

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