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Part-2 -How will the arrival of the Taliban affect other countries? An overview

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among the few, who recognized the Taliban's radical 1996-2001 rule in Afghanistan, will likely take a pragmatic approach to its return to power despite fears it could embolden militant Islam abroad.

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have limited their response to the Taliban takeover to saying they would respect the choice of Afghans and urging the group to foster security and stability after a protracted insurgency against the US-backed rule.

Under the leadership of Prince Salman, Saudi Arabia is still trying to avoid radical Islamic rule. The tenacity with which it used to donate in the name of religion 20 years ago, on the request of Pakistan, is now no longer so incomparable. On the contrary, with the help of America, it is engaged in improving its relations with Israel. It is also avoiding fighting with Iran in Yemen.

The Saudis and UAE could also use their financial clout as leverage as they have in the past, with the Taliban likely to be critically short of cash to govern the country given that Kabul's foreign currency reserves are parked in the United States, out of reach.

Saudi Arabia must develop a partnership with Russia on the price of oil and this will not be possible without the help of America. America will try to take Russia in its camp on this pretext.

Within hours of Kabul's fall, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said the Afghan people had "broken the shackles of slavery" to the West.

"Pakistan has the most to gain from peace in its neighbour and the most to lose from strife and instability " said Maleeha Lodhi, a former Pakistani ambassador to the U.K, the U.N and the U.S.

For Pakistan, it was to keep India out of Afghanistan by helping the Taliban. For the Taliban, it was to resist the US presence and eventually force it out of Afghanistan by availing itself of sanctuaries in Pakistan.

After the withdrawal of America, the possibility of Pakistan getting financial aid from the western world in the name of the fight against terrorism is running out. Even today, Pakistan's exports are to western countries, not China, which only gets loans from China. To maintain good relations with the West, it wants to show that controlling the Taliban, Pakistan can prevent the boundaries of religious redundancy.

The world is also considering the Taliban as a subsidiary of Pakistan, but Pakistan itself suspects that it will be able to control the Taliban.

If the Taliban establish direct relations with Russia, China and India, then it will no longer need Pakistan.

Raising the issue of Durand Line, if the border dispute stared, then the western border of Pakistan will also become unstable.

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