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Part 4-How will the arrival of the Taliban affect other countries?-An overview

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The fall of Kabul has cleared the path for the insurgent group to establish the 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan'. The recent attack of Salma dam, the fall of Zaranj which connects Chabahar Port in Iran and the absence of invitation for some multilateral meetings on Afghanistan have been seen as a failure of India's Afghan strategy.

However, it should be noted that India has provided humanitarian and development assistance of over $3 billion to Afghanistan in the last two decades. the projects included the construction of schools, colleges, hospitals, electricity grids, dams and a parliament building. India has also trained several Afghan military officers and supplied a few attack helicopters. India's developmental projects will continue to serve common Afghans without ethnic discrimination.

However, the region has a national security concern for India. In past, anti-India elements have often used the ungoverned border areas near the Durand line to run terrorist training camps, so India's legitimate security concerns will persist.

On the other hand, the increasing role of Pakistan and China, which have indicated that they might recognize the Islamic Emirate, adds to India's concerns.

New Opportunities and challenges are emerging for India, on the one hand, India can bring Russia and Iran closer to America, on the other hand, by taking up the issue of Tibet and helping Taiwan, India can increase difficulties for China. For this, it will have to increase the participation in Quad.

Despite US sanctions, it may have to start buying oil from Iran. The issue of Afghanistan's security and terrorism will have to be raised vigorously in international forums.

America has failed to separate farmers and people from the opium trade. America has understood that by staying in Afghanistan, its enemies Iran, Russia and China are tension free on the border. Removing the army does not reduce America's interference in this area, rather the cost is reduced. America hopes that in the coming times, some of its enemies will have to give up their insistence and come to its side, which is beneficial for America.

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