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Pfizer seeking approval for third booster shot: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: BBC
  • Pfizer Inc is planning to approach FDA for approval for the third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine. According to the pharmaceutical firm, the third dose will provide a better immunity against the coronavirus variants.

  • Although the efficacy of the 2-dose vaccine still stands at 95%, people in the UK and Israel are seeing a drop in that after six months of the second dose. According to Israel’s health ministry, the efficacy of the vaccine fell to 64% for people who got vaccinated about six months ago.

  • Pfizer chief Scientific officer, Mikael Dolsten said, "It's a small data set, but I think the trend is accurate: six months out, given that Delta is the most contagious variant we have seen, it can cause infections and mild disease.”

  • Dolsten also said that many countries from Europe have approached Pfizer about the feasibility of a third booster shot in an effort to prevent the rising infections in the continent.

  • In terms of revenue, Pfizer is looking at making $26 billion from the shot in 2021 alone. A total of $157 billion is expected to be spent by governments worldwide by 2025 on vaccines.

  • FDA has not yet commented on this update. Countries are struggling to get vaccines throughout the world, and if the third booster shot is labeled as ‘required’ to tackle covid-variants, it can cause a huge supply issue.

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