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PM Modi announces repeal of 3 contentious farm laws: What you need to know

Farmers seen celebrating at Singhu Border in New Delhi on Friday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Centre would repeal the 3 controversial farm laws by the end of the month/ Picture courtesy: Hindustan Times

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the three contentious farm laws introduced in 2020 will be repealed.

The decision comes ahead of key state elections, over a year after farmers began protesting laws.

Farm unions on Friday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to roll back three agricultural laws they had been opposing for a year, but the government now has to contend with a tougher demand – a law guaranteeing minimum support prices or MSP to cultivators for their produce.

PM Modi said his government did its best to educate and inform the farmers about the laws and will continue to keep working for their betterment.

By repealing the laws, Mr Modi hopes to regain the confidence of the farmers in general and Sikhs in particular.

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