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Poland says migrants are still crossing from Belarus, accuses Minsk of not doing enough

Picture Courtesy: JapanTimes

On Tuesday, Poland said that migrants are still trying to enter Poland from Belarus despite Minsk saying that it has taken steps to stop that. Poland’s Border Guard released a statement saying that around 50 migrants tried to enter Poland on Monday evening, with a few of them briefly making their way into Poland.

EU has accused Belarus of orchestrating the migrant crises by flying in migrants from the Middle East and then leaving them on the border with Poland. Belarus has denied these accusations and said that it is taking steps to tackle this situation.

Belarus has cleared migrant camps last week and allowed the first repatriation flight to Iraq in months. According to reports, about 120 migrants left the country on Monday.

A spokesperson for Poland’s special services, Stanislaw Zaryn, said, “The tactics and the methods are changing and perhaps the new wave will be less spectacular but this does not mean the situation is calming down. There are repeated attempts to cross the border and they will continue.”

The neighboring country of Lithuania echoed the statement by Poland saying, The situation is stable but it remains tense, it will remain complicated for a long time.”

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko along with denying these allegations has asked the EU to take some migrants while Belarus repatriates others. A demand which EU has denied.

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