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Politics: Trump might release surveillance footage of FBI Mar-a-Lago search

Picture Courtesy: The Scotsman

According to some reports, President Donald Trump might release surveillance footage of FBI Mar-a-Lago search. His close allies are urging him to do so. The CCTV footage has been so closely held that aides to the former President aren't sure if he has seen it in full himself, said a person close to Trump.

His aids believe that releasing this footage will send a jolt of energy through the Republican Party's base. One person familiar with the conversations said there have been discussions about featuring the August footage in campaign-style ads, believing the footage could bolster Trump's claims of political persecution.

However, some people within his group have warned him against release the footage. They said that this could have a counter effect as people could see the sheer volume of documents that the FBI collected from his residence.

The Federal prosecutors disclosed in recent days that the investigation "implicates highly classified materials" and that their work continues on, potentially toward criminal charges. The Justice Department had previously subpoenaed surveillance footage from the club as part of its ongoing investigation, including outside the room where documents were kept.

On Tuesday, Trump wrote on his Truth Social account that the FBI agent "demanded that all security cameras be turned off... We said no!” Trump attorney Christina Bobb declined to comment on the record.

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