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President of Tanzania believed to be seriously ill of covid-19: What you need to know

President Magufuli, of Tanzania
Picture courtesy: CTV News

At least one person has been arrested by Tanzanian police for circulating posts that said President John Magufuli is in ill health.

The president has not been seen for two weeks, sparking rumors the coronavirus sceptic leader is ill with Covid-19 or unwell and incapacitated.

At least one man was arrested for allegedly spreading false reports that Magufuli was seriously ill in the Kinondoni area of Dar Essalam, Regional Police Commissioner for Kinondoni Ramadhani Kingai said at a press conference Saturday.

“There are a lot more who have been spreading false statements. We will arrest them all,” Kingai said.

Prime Minister Hassan Majaliwa on Friday denied reports Magufuli is ill and said he is "fit and working hard as usual."

“The president has a lot to do,” he said, adding that the president had delegated some duties to his aides.

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