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Putin's guards collect his faeces on foreign jaunts, carry them back home: Reports

File photo: AP

A former DIA intelligence officer has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin hides his poop from the world to conceal his health issues.

A recent report has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fear of divulging too much about his health and conditions has pushed him to even hide his faeces from the world.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin reportedly travels abroad with a team of bodyguards who collect his excrement and urine in a suitcase which is carried all the way back to Moscow out of fear that it might reveal too much about his health.

In fact, a video doing rounds online, shared by a BBC journalist, drew more people towards the speculation with apparent evidence.

In the viral video, two persons are seen standing guard at the door, while two more people come out of the washroom, one of them carrying a suitcase. Then another bodyguard comes out, followed by Putin, backed by two more guards.

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