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Regular health checks for foreigners ordered by Russia

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Russia has introduced a new law that requires foreigners and long-term visitors to be fingerprinted and have regular mandatory medical check-ups. According to this new law, anyone who is planning to stay in Russia for more than 90 days, will be checked for sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and drug use.

Many business groups and ambassadors from various countries have objected to this new law claiming that this will discourage people to come and live in Russia. Russia’s health ministry has denied reports that foreigners will have to repeat the checks every three months.

Jason Rebholz, US ambassador said earlier that this law is “xenophobic”. Mika Beuster of the German Journalists Association said that the Russian government has nothing to do with the health of foreign journalists.

Earlier in the summer, President Vladimir Putin signed this law under which foreigners staying for over three months have to be fingerprinted with immediate notice. However, starting May 1st, 2022, they must also be checked for HIV and Aids, tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis.

This law, however, exempts diplomats or members of international organizations and their families. The law refers to Russia's sanitary and epidemiological security, but critics have suggested it could be more about discrimination than health.

Russia on the other hand is facing criticism and concerns regarding the poor state of the health industry in the country. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in the country, with 932 deaths recorded in the 24 hours up to Wednesday.

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