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Richard Branson makes history!: What you need to know

  • After a little delay on Sunday morning, Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 took off from New Mexico carrying billionaire Richard Branson for his maiden flight into space. This makes him the first billionaire to go into space.

  • The space shuttle was carried by a mothership ‘WhiteKnightTwo’, also called ‘Eve’, and took off from a runway like a normal plane. At a height of about 46,000 feet, the space shuttle detached from the mothership and flew into the edge of outer space. The crew wore spacesuits designed by ‘UnderArmour’.

  • The Federal Aviation Administration issued a TFR or temporary flight restriction on Sunday for the area of Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. This was done from 9 am to 6 pm ET “to provide a safe environment for spacecraft recovery,” as per FAA.

  • The space shuttle remained in space for about a few minutes giving the crew a full view of planet earth. Richard Branson and the flight crew, while descending back to earth, heard the song ‘New Normal’ by Khalid.

  • Richard Branson was heard saying that this was an ‘amazing experience’ and finally his childhood dream has come true.

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