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Russia banned US President and Canadian Prime Minister: One more American journalist killed in War

Courtesy: Reuters

Russia has banned 13 American leaders including Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Blinken from coming to their country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also banned by Russia.

On the other hand, Ukraine has decided to continue the curfew in Kyiv.

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski was killed and his colleague Benjamin Hall was wounded when the vehicle they were travelling in was hit by an incoming fire in Horenka, just outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. He is the second journalist to die during the fight between the Russian and Ukrainian forces that continued for the 20th straight day.

"Pierre was a war zone photographer who covered nearly every international story for Fox News from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria during his long tenure with us," Scott said. "His passion and talent as a journalist were unmatched," Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement.

Zakrzewski, who was based in London, had been working in Ukraine since February.

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