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Russia fired at UK warship: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: NY Times

1. Russia has said it had to fire as a warning on the path of Britain's Royal Navy Warship HMS Defender near the Crimea in the Black sea as the British vessel entered its waters.

2. Britain's Defense Ministry has denied any firing by the Russian Ship.

3. Britain's Defense Ministry has said that the British ship is operating in Ukraine's waters following international law. It said that the British warship Defender had not been hit by any bullets or bombed on its way.

4. It is the first time since the cold war that Russia has bombed a warship to prevent a playoff.

5. According to Associated Press, Russia's Defense Ministry has said that British Warship should not enter its waters. It had to fire as the British Missile Destroyer defender ignored the repeated notices and warning.

6. This incident reflects tensions between Russia and Britain.

7. Russia captured Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in 2014 but was not recognized by most of the countries.

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