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Russia halts gas supply to Poland, “will manage” says Poland

Picture Courtesy: Getty images

According to Reuters report on Wednesday, Russia has halted gas supply to Poland. Polish state natural gas company PGNiG had on Tuesday said Russia would stop sending gas to the country. The Bulgarian Energy Ministry also said it had been informed deliveries would be suspended from Wednesday.

After the news, Poland said it "will manage”. It says it will get gas from other sources. It is not yet clear if Bulgaria's supplies have also been cut. Both the countries had refused to pay Russia in roubles.

Bulgaria, which relies on Gazprom for more than 90% of its gas supply, said it had taken steps to find alternative sources but no restrictions on gas consumption were currently required.

Poland’s climate ministry, Anna Moskwa said the country's energy supplies were secure. "I'm pretty sure that we will manage to handle this”, Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister, Marcin Przydacz said to BBC.

On 1st May, a new gas pipeline connection with Lithuania is also due to open that will give Poland access to gas from Lithuania's LNG terminal.

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