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Russia hits Ukraine with drones and missiles

A man falls to the ground following a drone attack in Kyiv on Monday/courtesy Getty images

Waves of explosives-laden suicide drones struck Ukraine's capital Kyiv, setting buildings ablaze and tearing a hole in one of them. People scurried for shelter or tried to shoot down the kamika.

President Zelensky says Russia launched drone and missile attacks across Ukraine "all night and all morning" trying to "terrorise" civilians.

Four people have been killed - including a pregnant woman - after Kyiv was hit by "kamikaze drones", authorities say

And four people have died after a rocket attack in the north-eastern Sumy region, the governor there says.

Authorities worked quickly to clear out rubble, looking for anyone missing after several floors appeared to have collapsed. The air was filled with a smell of fire and smoke, as well as dust from the rubble.

Top financial officials for both the UK and US have released a joint statement saying the allies will further co-operation on sanctions against Russia and other targets, Reuters reports.

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