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Russia 'Needs to work' with Taliban, China wants 'smooth transition' in Afghanistan: The SCO summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that a security bloc led by Moscow and Beijing should take the lead in ensuring the Taliban kept its promises on preventing terrorism and drug trafficking.

He said the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) should "use its potential" to "stimulate the new Afghan authorities" in fulfilling their promises on normalising life and bringing security in Afghanistan.

Moscow has been cautiously optimistic on the Taliban since it came to power last month after a series of lightning offensives across Afghanistan.

The Russian President said that world powers should consider unfreezing Afghanistan's assets.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also said in a conference that a "new reality" has been established in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover of power in Kabul and it is now in the international community's collective interest to ensure that the security situation is stabilised in the war-torn country.

China's President Xi Jinping said that members nations of the SCO should help drive a smooth transition in Afghanistan.

India's Prime Minister Modi pitched for developing a common template by the SCO to fight radicalisation, saying it is a challenge to peace, security and trust deficit in the region as reflected by recent developments in Afghanistan.

The SCO summit comes at a crucial time amid the developments in Afghanistan and as countries in the region recalibrate their diplomatic positions.

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