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Russia-Ukraine conflict: Sweden to apply for NATO membership, other countries welcome the decision

Picture Courtesy: Getty images

The Swedish government announced on their website that they have decided to apply fro NATO membership. The government said, “The Government’s assessment is that NATO membership is the best way to protect Sweden’s security in light of the fundamentally changed security environment following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

The government said that they have taken this decision after having a “security analysis”. Thy were presented a report on May 13th post which this decision was made.

On Monday, Swedish Prime minister said that Sweden will apply for NATO membership along with Finland to "ensure the safety of Swedish people.”

The Prime Minister said that they will hand over their application along with Finland either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The leaders of Denmark, Iceland and Norway have welcomed Finland and Sweden's decision to apply for membership of NATO.

In a joint statement Denmark, Iceland and Norway said, "We strongly welcome Finland and Sweden’s decisions to apply for NATO membership. We note that the decisions by Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership are sovereign national decisions in line with Finland and Sweden’s right to choose their own security arrangements. Finland and Sweden have the right to pursue their accession process without any attempts of outside interference.”

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