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Russia-Ukraine war: Russia threatens to intensify attack on Kyiv, warns US for weapons shipments

Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

Russia has threatened Ukraine that it will intensify its attack on Kyiv if Ukraine attacks any of Russia’s territory. The ministry said the "number and scale" of attacks will go up if its own settlements become targets.

This comes after Russia attacked a military factory near Kyiv, which it claimed was in response to a Ukrainian helicopter attack on a Russian village. However, Ukraine denies conducting any such attack.

The Russian defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, "Tonight, sea-based high precision long-range "Kalibr" missiles hit a military facility in the outskirts of Kyiv. The number and scale of missile strikes against objects in Kyiv will increase in response to the commission of any attacks of a terrorist nature or sabotage on Russian territory by the Kyiv nationalist regime.”

Russia also formally protested the USA’s ongoing shipment of weapons to Ukraine, sending a diplomatic note to the State Department warning of “unpredictable consequences” should the support continue. The Washington Post reported the note, called a démarche.

A US official said, “We won’t confirm any private diplomatic correspondence.”

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