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San Jose gun shooting kills 9: What you need to know

VTA rail yard in San Jose. Picture courtesy : CNN
  • On Wednesday morning, a deadly shooting in San Jose claimed 9 lives.

  • The shooting happened in the VTA railyard and one of the employees was the shooter. He died on the scene as reported by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department.

  • The shooter was identified as 57-year-old Samuel J. Cassidy. According to reports, he set his home on fire before conducting the shooting.

  • The victims' identities have not yet been released.

  • The police came on the scene around 6.40 am and the shooting was still ongoing at that time.

  • The authorities have asked the public to avoid the area as the investigation is still in progress. There is a bomb squad on the site to look for possible explosives that might have been planted.

  • Mayor Liccardo said, "This is every mayor's worst nightmare.”

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