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Sandstorm in Beijing: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : AFP

On Monday, China’s capital, Beijing, saw one of the worst sandstorms ever. The Chinese capital tuned yellow during the daytime. Here is everything we know about the sandstorm that hit Beijing:

  1. Beijing was cloaked in a thick yellow blanket and the pollution levels were off the charts.

  2. Residents used masks, goggles, and helmets to shield themselves from the sand.

  3. Hundreds of flights were canceled and the government ordered schools to cancel all outside activities. They also asked its residents to stay inside as much as possible.

  4. According to the weather department, the sandstorm came from Northern Mongolia via the Gobi desert.

  5. Hazardous PM 2.5 pollutants were detected in the city.

  6. Although China is actively trying to add greenbelts within its border, the recent lack of rain is thought to be the reason the sandstorm was so strong.

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