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Part 1-How will the arrival of the Taliban affect other countries? An overview

Only one decision of the US in Afghanistan has started political upheaval in this entire region, every country is worried about its border and its strategic partnership.

Today Russia, China and Pakistan have come openly in support of the Taliban but if we understand the geographical area, then we will find that due to the rise of the Taliban, the most instability is being created for these three countries, perhaps this is the reason why these three look eager to make relations with Taliban.

Let us understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of each country associated with this politics. We will try to understand many countries in our series, today we talk about Russia and Iran.

As soon as the US leaves, China's interference will increase in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan through Afghanistan. The countries are courtyard of Russia as these were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

If China's interference in the region increases, then Russia fears that its credibility will be diminished. Secondly, smuggling of opium and heroin from Afghanistan will increase manifold, leaving Russia to suffer from deteriorating law and order.

The advantage for Russia is less and the loss is more. An emotional advantage is that just as it had to leave after losing Afghanistan in the late 1980s, America is now defeated and out of which Russia feels that its cold war revenge is complete.

Iran shares its eastern border with Afghanistan's Herat province. It was secured due to the presence of America in Afghanistan, as the US was keeping both the Taliban and ISIL(Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) under control.

Now the double threat has arisen for Iran. If the Taliban Nizam comes, there will be increased insecurity for its Shia population on the border as the Taliban is against the Shia.

And if the Taliban's competitor ISIL spreads, the demand for Khorasan will increase, which is envisaged to form a new Islamic state by joining the parts of border countries including Iran and Pakistan.

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