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Shooting at Idaho school: What you need to know

Rigby Middle school, Idaho. Picture courtesy : KRQE

A sixth-grade student of Rigby Middle school, located in Rigby, Idaho brought a gun to the class today and shot three people today. Here is everything we know about the situation:

  1. The injured include two students and one custodian. All the victims are expected to make recovery.

  2. The girl who shot the people was disarmed by a teacher. She is in police custody right now.

  3. The Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said that the girl shot the handgun she brought inside and outside the school injuring the people.

  4. Police have not disclosed as to why a sixth-grader took such an extreme step.

  5. The police arrived at the scene around 9.15 am when reports came in about multiple gunshots. The school was evacuated following the reports.

  6. The schools in the district will remain closed to give students and parents to give some time.

  7. This is the second school shooting in Idaho. The first was in 1999.

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