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Shooting in Toronto leaves 1 dead: What you need to know

Shooting in Etobicoke neighbourhood. Picture courtesy : Global News

Sad news coming this Sunday morning from Toronto as 1 person has died due to a shooting incident in Toronto, Canada. Here is everything we know about the situation:

  1. The incident took place at Etobicoke neighborhood in Toronto around 2.20 pm on Sunday, May 16th.

  2. Police said that a man got out of the car and started shooting leaving one person dead and at least 4 injured.

  3. Police said that when they arrived at the scene they found 5 people severely injured and one person died shortly after. They also found multiple gun holes in the nearby buildings.

  4. A homicide investigation has been ordered to locate the suspects.

  5. After the shooting, the two suspects in the black car left the area. There have been no descriptions released by the police so far.

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