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Simone Biles at the top once again at US Gymnastics Championships: What you need to know

Simone Biles
Picture courtesy: The Mary Sue

Four-time Olympic gymnastics champion, Simon Biles, stayed on course for the 7th National Title with a superb performance at the U.S. Championships in Fort Worth, Texas-based on Friday, June 4th to lead with 59.55 pts.

The 24-year-old who landed the Yurchenko double pike vault at the U.S. Classic in Indianapolis back in May kept the move under wraps but did enough to lead Sunisa Lee by 2.2 pts overall just before Sunday's finale.

Simone, who is staying at the top of the ranks just ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, told NBC Sports "Tonight I feel like it was really good, it was definitely better than the Classic". Then added, "Floor could have been a little bit better. I need to control my adrenaline".

Tonight, Biles posted the highest scores on vault (15.80), floor (14.65), and beam (14.35), but she fell a little short on the uneven bars (14.75), where she came second to Lee who scored 15.30.

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