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Six killed as violence spread in South Africa after jailing Zuma: What you need to know

picture courtesy : Times of India

1. Six people had been killed and 219 arrested amid violence during rioting that broke out following the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma, police said Monday.

2. Police said shops and businesses have been looted and vandalized. Traffic has been disrupted by rioters barricading major roads with burning tyres and trucks, while cars have been attacked.

3. South Africa said it will deploy its army to help police quell the violence.

4. The violence triggered last week when Zuma began serving a 15 months sentence to contempt of court. The riot began in Zumas's home base of Kwa-Zulu-Natal province and spread to the economic hub of Gauteng.

5. The constitutional court on Monday began hearing Zuma's application to have his conviction and sentencing overturned.

6. The police are investigating the death of six people, according to a statement by the National Joint operational and intelligence structure.

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