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South Africa’s ex president sentenced to prison: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Los Angeles Times

1. South Africa's Ex-president Mr. Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court.

2. The constitutional court found him guilty of defying its order to appear at an inquiry into corruption while he was president.

3. He has 5 days to surrender, if he does not, the police will be allowed to arrest him.

4. The former president is accused of plundering public money when he was in power for nine years.

5. The former president appeared once at the inquiry and then refused to appear subsequently. The head of inquiry then requested the constitutional court to intervene.

6. Justice Sisi Khampepe said," I have no choice but to imprison Mr. Zuma, in the hope that this sends an equivocal message, that the rule of law and the administration of justice prevail."

7. The former president is also facing a bribery case, more than 20 years old, with 16 counts of fraud and corruption. He is also accused of pocketing more than four million rands from a French company, Thales, one of the companies awarded a lucrative contract worth 2.8 million Euros.

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