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Statues of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth toppled in Canada: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

1. The statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria have been toppled in Canada during protests over the deaths of indigenous children.

2. During protests on Canada Day, the crowd in Winnipeg pulled down statues as they were against the country's residential schools system under which native children were required to attend state-run Christian schools.

3. The native children were prevented from speaking their languages so that they can be adapted to Canadian society.

4. These institutions were opened under the reign of Queen Victoria and finally closed in the 1970s

5. More than 150,000 children were forced into the institutions, many were beaten, raped and up to 6,000 are thought to have died.

6. Canada was celebrating its annual day on 1st July but several cities canceled their celebrations.

7. Instead, rallies were held in support of the indigenous community.

8. Protesters wore orange shirts to honor the indigenous children and covered the statues in red handprints and left a sign, reading "we were children once, Bring them home".

9. The British Government condemned any defacing of statues of the queen. A spokesman for British PM said, "our thoughts are with Canada's indigenous community, we follow these issues closely and continue to engage with the Government of Canada on indigenous matters."

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