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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, Received $226 Million in Compensation in 2022

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According to a regulatory filing released on Friday, Sundar Pichai, CEO of both Alphabet Inc. and Google, has been granted compensation for 2022 worth $226 million.

This figure includes a triannual stock award of over $200 million. In 2019, the last time he received such a stock grant, his compensation was valued at $281 million. As part of cost-cutting measures following the company’s largest round of layoffs, Mr. Pichai announced in January that top executives would receive lower bonuses.

Last month, Google’s finance chief warned employees to expect further spending cuts. Mr. Pichai’s annual salary for 2020-2022 remains at $2 million. In December, a new triannual equity award was granted to him, worth $210 million, which includes performance-based and time-based equity.

The latest award is structured with a higher proportion of performance stock units, which now account for 60% of the total compared to 43% in 2019, with more of the award dependent on future performance over time.

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