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Taliban feel betrayed as US disabled helicopters, planes: What you need to know

Picture courtesy: Zee news

The Taliban has accused the US to damage the helicopters and other equipment at Kabul airport knowingly. The Taliban have said that they "feel betrayed" because Americans disabled military helicopters and planes before their departure from Kabul.

As US forces left Afghanistan, the Taliban fighters erupted in joy. They marched on the tarmac of Kabul airport, even fired in the air expressing their happiness. But just days later, all that has changed.

The fighters said they expected the Americans to leave helicopters in one piece for their use, according to Al Jazeera report. "We believe it is a national asset and we are the government now and this could have come to great use for us," the report added.

The US military said it disabled 27 Humvees and 73 aircraft before leaving. The Taliban are now left with 48 aircraft, though no information is available on how many of these are operational.

For now, the Taliban appear to be engaged in getting Afghanistan running again, a task that could prove challenging to fighters.

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