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Tech lay-offs: Apple fires 100 contract-based employees

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

Tech giant Apple Inc. laid off many contract-based recruiters in the past week as part of controlling the company’s hiring and spending. As per reports, about 100 contract workers were laid off. This information was confirmed by some people aware of the situation but refused to be identified since the situation is private.

The employees who were laid off, were told that the decision was part of changing business needs. Apple slowed down its hiring last month, joining many tech companies due to recession fears.

Apple, however, is still retaining its full-time recruiters. Also, not all contract based recruiters were fired. Apple refused to comment on the situation.

Apple employees about 150,000 people and lay offs is quite unusual for Cupertino based tech giant. Terminated employees were told that they would receive two-weeks pay and medical benefits for the same duration.

As per reports, the lay offs happened across various locations including Texas and Singapore.

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