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Ten charged as the Vatican ends London property investigation: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: BBC

1. A Vatican judge has ordered a trial against 10 people, including an Italian cardinal, for financial crime in purchasing a multi-million dollar property in London with church funds.

2. The charges of embezzlement and abuse of office were brought against Msgr Carlino, Crasso, Di Ruzza, Marogna, Mincione, Squilace, Tirabassi, Torzi, Brulhart and Cardinal Becciu.

3. Cardinal Becciu was a close aide to Pope and previously had a key job in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

4. He was forced to resign but retains his title.

5. The Pope's former secretary and former heads of the Vatican financial intelligence unit are also among the 10 defendants. They face charges of embezzlement, money laundering, abuse of office, extortion, and fraud.

6. The first hearing is due to be held on 27th July.

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