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Tensions rise in Indian-administered Kashmir as soldiers killed by militants

Picture Courtesy: AFP

Indian Army said on Monday that 5 of its soldiers were killed after fighting erupted during a search operation close to the Line of Control, which separates Indian- and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. According to reports, this is the deadliest attack in the region since February.

This incident has led to increased tensions in the already volatile region. The incident began after the Indian army surrounded the village in the district of Poonch after reports that armed insurgents were hiding there. One officer and four other soldiers were killed during the search operation.

According to reports, last week, seven civilians were killed by the militants in the region. Politicians in the region have condemned the attack.

After the attack on Monday, the Indian army has reportedly shot dead a suspected militant from The Resistance Front (TRF) which Indian authorities believe is backed by Pakistan and behind the recent civilian casualties. Also, more than 400 people have been taken in for questioning related to the matter.

In 2019, the BJP-led government in India stripped the state of Jammu and Kashmir of its autonomous status by removing article 370 in the constitution. Since then more local young people have been drawn towards what has been a long insurgency against Indian rule.

India and Pakistan have fought two wars over Kashmir. Both nations claim the whole of the territory.

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