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Tesla drivers will be able to make Zoom calls from their cars soon

Picture Courtesy: UC Today

Zoom announced on Tuesday that Tesla drivers will soon be able to take a video call directly from their vehicle’s touchscreen dashboard. According to CNN Business the car will need to be parked to show video; when the vehicle is in motion, only audio will be enabled. The timing of the launch is still unknown, however.

This is a feature Tesla was working to include for years. In 2020, Elon Musk said in a Tweet adding Zoom calls to Tesla vehicles was “definitely a future feature.” During COVID times, Musk received a bevy of tweets that requested Zoom integration; drivers argued it would give them another private space to take calls and make use of the existing driver-facing camera, present in some Teslas, and large display.

Zoom also unveiled at Tuesday’s event other new tools, including the integration of email and calendar services directly into the service, a conversational AI and chatbot that helps troubleshoot issues, and support for developers to monetize their apps on Zoom’s App Marketplace.

Interestingly, Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, banned its employees from using Zoom in April 2020 over “significant privacy and security concerns.”

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