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Tesla removes drivers from self-driving test: What you need to know

Elon Musk Tesla
Picture courtesy : WRAL TechWire

Tesla released its ‘full-shelf driving’ beta version software recently and is slowly rolling out the update to its drivers. However, on Friday, Elon Musk informed via a tweet that access to FSD for some drivers has been revoked for not paying sufficient attention. Here is everything we know so far:

  1. Tesla has not given out the exact number of drivers who lost access or what are the exact criteria for judging if the driver is paying attention.

  2. Several autonomous ‘vehicle experts’ have long criticized Tesla’s terming the term as ‘full self-driving’. Most people think that FSD means that the driver does not have to pay attention as well.

  3. In February, National Transport Safety Board sent a letter to National Highway Traffic Safety asking for stricter requirements for testing autonomous vehicles on the road. If the recent decision by Tesla is anyway linked to this is not yet clear.

  4. Elon Musk earlier this month informed via Twitter that Tesla plans to double the number of drivers with the FSD beta testing program.

  5. He further said that the software’s next significant release will be next month.

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