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Texas further loosens gun control laws: What you need to know

Gov. Greg Abbott. Picture courtesy : The Texas Tribune
  • Texas lawmakers approved a bill today that allows any individual to carry a handgun without requiring a license, background check, or training that goes with it.

  • The bill will now go to Gov. Greg Abbott, who said that he will approve the bill.

  • The bill has received widespread criticism from gun control groups, calling it a danger to people and the police. They are pointing out the shooting of El Passo, Sutherland Springs, and Houston and demanding stricter gun laws.

  • Texas already has some of the loosest gun laws in the country. With this law, it is further relaxing those restrictions.

  • Supporters of this bill say that this will help people in Texas to defend themselves in public.

  • The National Rifle Association is one of the supporters of this bill. One of the spokespeople called this bill one of the “most significant” gun-rights measures in the State.

  • This bill will enable anyone above the age of 21 to carry a handgun without any license provided the person does not have any criminal history.

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