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The Bank of Ireland glitch allowed customers to withdraw money from others

courtesy: Yahoo finance

Amid an extended technical malfunction that disrupted numerous online services of the Bank of Ireland on Tuesday and early Wednesday, certain customers found themselves able to withdraw funds they did not possess.

The technical outage not only resulted in the interruption of various online functions but also granted some customers the capability to make withdrawals surpassing their standard limits. The Bank of Ireland acknowledged that during this period, customers could make withdrawals of up to €500 ($546) using their Bank of Ireland card.

Additionally, the bank confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that customers could transfer funds from their Bank of Ireland account to another account and withdraw as much as €1,000 ($1,091).

As news quickly circulated through social media channels, visual evidence in the form of images and videos emerged, depicting individuals queuing up at ATMs with the anticipation of obtaining what appeared to be "free money." As Tuesday progressed, a growing number of people seemed to converge at ATMs, prompting the emergence of photographs depicting law enforcement officers stationed nearby to maintain order, as shared across social media platforms.

Nonetheless, the Bank of Ireland has issued a cautionary note, indicating that despite the apparent anomaly, all withdrawals made will still be recorded as debits on the accounts of customers.

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