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The biggest cyberattack so far hits 200 businesses in the US: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The New York Times

1. The biggest ransomware attack paralyzed nearly 200 US companies today.

2. The attack was done in a devastating combination using a supply chain target, with some of the most potent ransomware tools.

3. The tool exploited a managed service provider (MSP) software, Kaseya VSA, which describes itself as a leading provider of IT and security management services to small and medium-sized businesses.

4. Cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs said that it was working with partners targeted in the attack and that some 200 businesses "have been encrypted".

5. Ransomware attacks generally involve locking away data in systems using encryption, making companies pay to regain access.

6. Kaseya urged customers that use its system management platform, called VSA, to immediately shut down their servers to avoid the possibility of being compromised by attackers.

7. The company said, "we are in process of investigating the root cause of the incident with the utmost vigilance."

8. John Hammond, a researcher at Huntress Labs said that REvil, a Russian cybercriminal group may be behind the attack.

9. Recently, JBS the giant meat processor, and Colonial Pipeline also had ransomware attacks.

10. Several security council members acknowledged the dangers posed by cybercrime - the issue was recently raised by US president Joe Biden with Russian President Putin.

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