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The Changing relations of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: DW

1. Under an important agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia has agreed to resume the supply of 1.5 billion dollars of crude oil to Pakistan. In addition, Saudi Arabia has planned to work on investment in Pakistan.

2. The question arises, how did the relation between Pakistan and Saudi Arab got revived?

3. Pakistan wanted to get international support on the issue of Kashmir, as India removed article 370 from the Indian constitution. For this, Pakistan put pressure on Saudi Arabia and the talks between the two countries deteriorated.

4. It is also reported that Saudi Arabia wants to challenge Iran's dominance by joining hands again with Pakistan. But Saudi Arabia is also trying to improve relations with India and the reason is the change in today's time.

5. The US had friendly relations with Saudi Arabia during the Donald Trump era, while relations with Iran were tumultuous, but things have changed with Biden becoming president.

6. Saudi Arabia hoped that its relations with Israel would improve in the matter of defense, but that did not happen, so naturally, Pakistan became important for it.

7. After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban's interference in politics may increase, in that situation the US may need help from Pakistan. With Pakistan not having a US base within its territory, Saudi Arabia's hopes for Pakistan have increased.

8. In an overall scenario, Pakistan-Iran-China and Saudi Arab are forming a partnership whereas India sees UAE and the US as its ally.

9. Saudi Arabia is putting in efforts to make its relations better with Egypt but it did not happen, so Pakistan is the only country with whom it can ally.

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