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The gang behind huge cyber-attack demands $70 million in bitcoin: what you need to know

Picture courtesy: News18
  1. The REvil gang, a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, has demanded $70 million in bitcoin to restore the data.

  2. On Sunday, a ransom demand was posted on a blog typically used by the REvil gang. The group said:" We launched an attack on MSP providers. More than a million systems were infected. If anyone wants to negotiate about universal decryptor -our price is 70,000,000$ in BTC and we will publish publicly decryptor".

  3. The attack was executed on Friday and has affected at least 200 companies in the United States.

  4. The REvil claims that its malware, initially targeted US IT firm Kaseya, has hit about one million systems, but the number has not been verified and the exact total number of victims is unknown.

  5. However, it does include 500 Swedish coop supermarkets, 11 schools in New Zealand and two Dutch IT firms.

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